Would It Make a Difference With a Domain Name?

Registering Domain Names


Registering a domain name builds your credibility on the Internet. Use domain names to support your business and assist in creating a dynamic online presence. Your domain name establishes your online identity and increases branding, marketing and communication opportunities. Register multiple domain names to:



  • Keep your competition from registering a domain name that draws customers away from you.

  • Promote the products and services you offer.

  • Drive more traffic to your website.

  • Enjoy more opportunities to market to — and be listed on — search engines.

  • Create distinct advertising strategies to reach different target markets.

  • Provide customers more ways to find you on the Internet.

  • Capture common misspellings of your domain name, instead of sending visitors to an error page.

  • Protect your brand and online identity from unsavory parties.

To get started, check to see if the domain name you want is available. If available, register the domain name for a period of time you specify during the checkout process.